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Maximise your leave for 2024

Updated: Jan 25

Planning your holidays well in advance has many benefits, especially for those who are restricted to school holidays. Early planning often means obtaining the best priced airline seats in the cabin of choice, securing family/interconnecting rooms and taking advantage of early booking offers.

Even if you're not quite ready to start planning the actual holiday it's important for those who have to juggle holiday booking with the rest of their work team to secure the dates that will get you the most time away for the least amount of holiday days.

These suggestions are based on a Monday to Friday working week and of course getting UK bank holidays off as part of your contract. Certainly not rocket science but hopefully a useful and time saving guide!


Monday January 1st is a bank holiday so book off the following 4 dates and you could start 2024 with a 9 days off and an 8 night holiday between Saturday, December 30th and Sunday January 7th.

  • Tuesday, January 2nd through to Friday, January 5th


Good Friday is March 29th and Easter Monday is April 1st. Book off the following 8 dates and you could have a 14 night holiday from Saturday, March 23rd through to Saturday, April 6th.

  • Monday, March 25th through to Thursday, March 28th

  • Tuesday, April 2nd through to Friday, April 5th


The Early May Bank Holiday is Monday, May 6th and the Spring Bank Holiday is Monday, May 27th.

Book off the following 4 dates and you could have a 8 night holiday starting Saturday, May 4th through to Sunday, May 12th.

  • Tuesday, May 7th through to Friday, May 10th

Book the following days of and you could have an 8 night holiday starting Saturday May 25th returning Sunday, June 2nd.

  • Tuesday, May 28th through to Friday, May 31st


The August Bank Holiday falls on Monday, August 26th. Book the following 4 dates off and you could have a 9 night holiday starting Saturday, August 24th through to Sunday, September 1st

  • Tuesday, August 27th through to Friday, August 30th


Christmas Day falls on Wednesday, December 25th which means Boxing Day on Thursday 26th.

By booking these 5 days off, you could enjoy 12 days of holiday.

  • Monday, December 23rd and Tuesday, December 24th

  • Friday, December 27th

  • Monday, December 30th and Tuesday, December 31st

Where will 2024 take you?

If you are looking for a holiday tailored exactly to your requirements, please do get in touch.

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